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Shoulder Mount Rig

• Nipros is expanding it’s ST-7 series of shoulder mount rigs with the new ST-7S300. It perfectly matches the contours of the newly released PMW-300 camera from Sony but also accommodates many popular cameras from major camera manufacturers.
• All switches, connecters & attachment points are logically placed for optimum functionality and ease of use.
• The complete ST-7S300 camera rig can be readily mounted on a Steadicam™ system or mounted on a tripod, geared-head, or motion-control system.
• Compact & lightweight allows for new possibilities for creative camera work, while delivering the uncompromised picture quality of the user's camera.
• New Refined Ergonomics
• Stylish & compact design increases the comfort & versatility of the user's camera.
• 20% lighter - The lightweight rig is sure to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue & discomfort.
• Even with the camera, viewfinder, battery, memory card, microphone & the supplied lens, the total combined weight is only approximately 10lbs (4.5 kg).
• Combined Comfort & Simplicity
• The rubberized, gel-like, shoulder pad molds to any shoulder without slipping while maintaining excellent camera balance.
• Durable and is proven to hold up to the rigors of professional use.
• Simply put, the ST-7S300 is a lightweight and durable exoframe that adds ENG camera features to professional handheld cameras.
• Professional Connector Interfaces for frequent camera build-up & tear-down that is common in ENG applications.
• Incorporates three, user defined, professional BNC video connections along with auxiliary DC power for camera accessories.
• Two-pin (D-TAP) & four-pin (XLR) DC sockets provide up to 50 watts of power from an attached lithium-ion battery.
• Creative & Operational Versatility with a wide range of these optional accessories also available:

• Full-HD Multicore Studio System • 5-inch HD Color LCD Viewfinder • Zoom & Focus Demand Controls.

• In combination with the PMW-300 cameras 24P capability and attractive cost efficiency, all these functionalities make the ST-7S300 the perfect solution for shooting tv series, documentaries, commercials, as well as motion pictures.



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