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4K+X Optical Fiber Camera Adapter

• System Versatility up to 4K+X.
• Light weight & streamlined-integrates with most digital cinema camcorders.
• Broad range of system configurations in harsh heat or freezing environments.
• Fully compatible with camera remote control panels from most major manufacturers.
• Enables a conprehensive camera system by supporting control of all major camera parameters.
• Offers remote ports for Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Ikegami cameras to simplify the system intregration process. No need for custom cabling.
• Comes standard with five(5) 3Gbps HD-SDI video inputs & a 3Gbps HD-SDI video return.
• Provides all essential inputs/ outputs needed to support 35mm 4K systems.
• The five video inputs are flexible enough to support five independent (asynchronous) HD signals at any mix of video frame rates for POV applications.
• LAN (RJ-45) interface is also available.
• Built-in power supply with multiple 12VDC outputs to power essential camera system accessories, such as a teleprompter.
• Can supply 60 watts of power up to 1.24 (2km) miles from the LS-850 base station.
• The 4K+X fiber systems transmit all essential camera signals optically via a SMPTE-311/304 interface guaranteeing the highest quality video and audio with minimal signal degradation.



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